About us

In our streamline capsule collection of smart, effortlessly flattering wardrobe staples, we use luxurious materials, modern tailoring, and small-batch construction methods to ensure that each garment is just as exceptional as the woman who wears it.


All of our clothing is constructed from patented, colorfast fabrics, composed with an ideal balance of stretch and stability to ensure a flattering fit. We make our line in sophisticated, slimming colors for versatility and effortless integration into your closet.


Philotimo is considered to be the highest of all Greek virtues. It is the sense of love for family, community and country. Philotimo means having conviction in your core values and principles. It means doing the right thing.

At Ameliora, we live by the true meaning of Philotimo. We are proud to support causes that offer help to women in need, which is why we donate a portion of all proceeds to support the important work of the charities listed below. Thank you for investing in Ameliora and teaming up with us to support these wonderful causes.



As a woman-led company, every decision we make is driven by our mission to uplift, elevate and empower our fellow women. We value your time, so we have taken every possible step to ensure that each purchase you make with us is of the highest quality and the best fit.