The Seleni Institute

The Seleni Institute

Nitzia Logothetis, the Founder and Executive Director of Seleni Institute and a licensed psychotherapist, encourages her clients to nourish themselves first. She advises that a parent that prioritizes their mental health is better equipped to be both present and engaged. Her advice echoes the mission of Seleni, which she founded in 2011 to focus on maternal mental health. Since its inception, the clinic has expanded to treat women, men, and families experiencing family-building challenges and mental health. The first of its kind, Seleni takes a holistic approach to mental health and offers support groups, workshops, and trainings in addition to private sessions.

Examples of emotional nourishment include talking with your friends, taking a bath, or even something as simple as doing an activity with your hands. Staying present is also key to managing anxiety and nourishment. Mrs. Logothetis also recommends finding activities that require simultaneous attention and action, like reading a recipe while cooking. All of these activities keep you in the present, which is one of the most effective ways to quiet any mental chaos and interrupt negative thought patterns. You are not denying these negative thoughts rather you are taking away their power. You cannot change the past nor can you predict the future. Staying present improves your concentration and ability to make good decisions.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Seleni quickly pivoted to telehealth and rapidly expanded their services across the country. In addition to their base in New York, they are able to provide services to residents in Florida, Connecticut, Virginia, and Rhode Island and in a variety of different languages. Seleni also launched a scholarship program to help equip mental health professionals with the knowledge to support mothers. This scholarship, awarded on a rolling basis to 100 mental health professionals, is valued at $10,000 and targeted towards those serving underserved populations. You can apply here.

The best way to connect with Seleni is to fill out their patient intake form and their intake coordinator will reach out to discuss next steps. You can also find them online at and @SeleniDotOrg on Instagram.

At Ameliora, we are so honored to support Seleni, and a portion of proceeds are regularly donated. One of our sweaters is actually named in honor of Mrs. Logothetis.