Salvage Sacs

Salvage Sacs

If you follow Ameliora on Instagram, you recognize Stacey. She is the founder of Salvage Sacs which combines her love of American Pop Culture with her passion for vintage couture style.

Stacey creates unique handbags, totes, and accessories using vintage findings sourced from across the globe. Her designs feature well-loved sweaters, recycled denims, luxurious and buttery leathers, beach towels salvaged from the world's most prestigious luxury houses. Crafted with both precision and abandon, Salvage Sacs embraces comfort with elegance, always with a dash of wit and whim.

On her Instagram, Stacey takes you behind the scenes of her process, and you can watch her create these one of a kind incredible pieces. She's an incredible entrepreneur and one of our favorite Ameliora women.  

You can shop her entire collection here

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