While attending an event for entrepreneurs in NYC, I had the good fortune of meeting Tiffany the cofounder of the hand care company Preening. We started talking about being young female entrepreneurs and sharing advice. She agreed to chat with me for the Ameliora blog and share the journey of Preening as well as some of her top hand care tips.

The hand cleanser company Preening was born in the midst of the pandemic when co-founders and friends Tiffany and Katy both suffered from chapped hands from all of the hand sanitizing. They envisioned natural alternatives that would be gentler on the skin while still cleansing.

For the creation of all Preening products, Tiffany and Katy combine holistic wellness with technical knowledge. Their first product was an all natural cleanser free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals. They have since expanded to hand mists and just launched a sprayable lotion with marine bioactives for antiaging.

As a hand care expert, Tiffany stresses the importance of moisturizing. She recommends moisturizing your hands after washing them. That way, you are able to preempt any dryness or chapping. Their products have been featured on the Today Show and Parade Magazine. You can find their amazing products at or Manymoons stores in Tribeca, Nantucket, and Hudson Yards.

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