JoAnne Kao

JoAnne Kao

New York Story

JoAnne Kao believes that information should be free, available and searchable to everyone. She is a member of the Fordham Mentoring Program and a LinkedIn Career Advisor where she counsels women & men from entry to mid-career transitions. As a real estate agent, educating her clients is JoAnne's primary objective ensuring that they're confident in their decisions throughout the sales process. She produces The JoAnne Kao Show, a video series on NYC neighborhoods, real estate terms, fun facts, and intel about living in NYC, and consults with individuals and companies interested in growing their digital & social media presence.

What is your personal definition of success?

Knowing that you're making a difference, having a positive impact on the people around you directly or indirectly.

What is something you wish you had known when you were beginning your career?

Stop taking everything so seriously; no one cares except for you; no one will remember; you don't need to have things figured out; be kind to yourself; put yourself first; stand up for yourself and your beliefs; always ask; be nice to people; everything passes; be accountable; exercise


What is your view on failure?

That's a loaded word with many meanings depending on what you're addressing. Life is hard, work is hard and you're going to fall more often than not at every stage. That's how you earn credibility to yourself and your peers. You have to have skin in the game. Read Teddy Roosevelt's The Man in the Arena.

What advice do you give other women in your field?

I tell women to let your interests guide you, be realistic and don't be intimidated by things around you. Focus on your goal, be purposeful, you have to work hard and often times harder than most and have patience. Be nice but careful about who you let into your life. If you leave emotionally drained, move on - they're not right for you. You have to be very decisive about who you let into your life. We are all human beings doing the best we can.

Any other thoughts or words of wisdom to share?

Have your own money, own yourself. Fairy tales are what they are, fairy tales. The only way to control your life is to have control over your own money and earn it. Money allows you the freedom to get in/out of situations, it gives you bargaining power, the ability to move, start businesses, leave relationships, build investments, a line of credit, save. There are more women homeowners today than ever before and more than men. 

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