Bobbi Rebell

Bobbi Rebell

The Financial Grownup

Bobbi Rebell is a Certified Financial Planner and host of the Financial Grownup podcast. The show features interviews with the top thought leaders in personal finance and other role models, sharing life-changing and inspiring money stories and advice. Guests have included Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, Author David Bach, Financial expert Jean Chatzky, and ABC news business anchor Rebecca Jarvis. The podcast also gives listeners actionable specific advice from Bobbi on how to integrate the lessons into their lives.

What is your personal definition of success?

My definition of success is constantly changing. Right now, it is about time control. You can earn more money but not more time, so success is when you can be in control of your time and not have outside forces telling you what to do.

What was your first job and what did you learn from it?

My very first job was a minimum wage job at a local bakery where I grew up in New Jersey. It was a big reality check. I learned you have to be on time. I learned you have to know your stuff- which in this case included memorizing the price of every single baked good that they sold. I learned work is a lot more fun if you get along with your coworkers.  And I learned that a dollar earned is not a dollar kept- because they took money out for taxes.. and even $10 to pay for my yellow polyester uniform!

What is something you wish you had known when you were beginning your career?

I wish I had know how important interpersonal skills are. How you relate to your supervisors and your peers and those that report to you- the whole ecosystem- is a huge factor in how successful you will be.

How did you know when you had found your ideal career path?

It is a process and there is more than one. It changes as your interests and priorities change. When I was just out of school, I was so happy with my entry level job at CNBC I honestly would have done it free! But at this stage in my career, I want to be in control and I want to grow my business as an entrepreneur.  What does the term 'job satisfaction' mean to you? For me job satisfaction is about the quality of my work. Right now I truly believe the two podcasts I host, Financial Grownup and Money in the Morning (with co-host Joe Saul-Sehy) are the best quality journalism I have done in my career. I am so proud of them!

What is your view on failure?

I really don’t focus on that. There are just setbacks, and sometimes disappointments.

What advice do you give other women in your field?

Constantly learn new skills. This week I learned to use an audio mixer and to run a live broadcast on Facebook. Who knew! I am proud that I personally create the video promos that we use to get the word out about Financial Grownup. I learned that software myself. It’s fine to outsource for productivity and efficiency, but always learn to do everything so you know what’s going on in your business. For example, I have a fantastic assistant who now makes all the still images that promote the podcast and organizes the guests. But I can always step in. 

Any other thoughts or words of wisdom to share?

You never have competition- just people that can grow the pie and make the industry bigger and drive you to be better at what you do.